4 Practical Benefits of Residential Awnings

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Residential awnings are nothing if not beautiful, as they come in many different sizes, designs, colors, patterns, and materials to suit nearly any home. But while aesthetics are a major part of the appeal, residential awnings are also highly practical products. They can provide a variety of benefits that are unrelated to appearances, including the following:

4 Practical Benefits of Residential Awnings

1. Block UV Rays- Awnings help to keep the sun’s harmful rays out of your home. Whether you are tired of having the sun in your eyes while you are indoors, you want to protect your skin, or you want to prevent your furniture from fading, awnings help to resolve these problems without forcing you to close your curtains at all hours of the day.

2. Reduce Energy Costs- Because residential awnings keep the sun’s rays at bay, they keep heat out of your house. This is invaluable in the summer. Awnings can reduce your energy bills significantly since your air conditioner will not have to run as long or as often to keep your house cool.

3. Divert Water- Residential awnings do not just keep light and heat out either; they also keep water away from your home. Much like your roof and gutters, awnings can catch rain and divert it away from your windows and foundation, preventing water damage in the process.

4. Space to Socialize- Residential awnings can be used over a patio or deck, creating a comfortable place for you to entertain friends or spend time with family. Awnings allow everyone to stay out of the sun or rain while you enjoy each other’s company outdoors.