Top 3 Reasons to Install Residential Awnings [infographic]

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If you’re like most homeowners, you want your home to look beautiful while still giving you the comfort and functionality you need on a daily basis. Here at Burlington Awnings, we’re passionate about helping homeowners fully enjoy their properties with our wide range of residential awnings. If you’re not sure if a residential awning is really worth it, here are just a few key benefits of a professionally installed awning for your door, deck, patio, walkway, or windows:

Top 3 Reasons to Install Residential Awnings

  1. Greater Comfort – North Carolina can get uncomfortably hot, and if your deck or patio faces the afternoon sun, you might feel like you’re stuck indoors most evenings. With a residential awning in place, it can give you protection from harsh UV rays and provide a shady respite from the heat while still allowing you to enjoy the fresh air.
  2. Increased Curb Appeal – If you want to make your home as welcoming and attractive as possible, a high-quality awning can easily enhance the look of any house. No matter what kind of style you like, there’s an awning color and style out there that will suit your precise preferences. Additionally, we offer all kinds of residential awnings, including ones for your windows, doors, walkways, and more!
  3. Additional Space – If you enjoy hosting parties or gatherings at your home, an awning can help you expand the amount of space available for your guests. Although people might not want to sit on an uncovered patio in the hot sun, a shady, comfortable awning can create a great space for backyard barbecues, cookouts, or casual family dinners.