What are Retractable Awnings?

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Retractable awnings are one of the most popular types of awnings we manufacture and install at Burlington Awnings, LLC. Offering the ultimate in versatility, retractable awnings come with an adjustable extension that you can move back and forth, depending on the level of coverage you want.

What are Retractable Awnings?

For example, if you want to have guests over for dinner on your patio, you can extend your awning to provide shade. Once you are done with dinner, you can simply retract the awning so that it sits back up against your home again. Or, if you want to sit out on your patio and relax, but it looks like rain, you can extend your awning to avoid getting drizzled on.

Retractable awnings are one of our most popular products because they offer convenience and flexibility. Unlike stationary awnings, which cannot be moved in any direction, retractable awnings can be adjusted to provide the level of coverage you want, depending on the day, the weather, and your preferences.

We manufacture and install completely custom retractable awnings for our residential and commercial clients. If you are interested in putting awnings above your doors, windows, or patio, we will make the process simple and enjoyable from beginning to end.

If you are ready to invest in retractable awnings for your home or business, we are excited to work with you. Contact us today to learn more about this awning type and to get a quote for the awnings you want.